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Author: sajolida
To: Public mailing list about the Tails project
Subject: [Tails-project] adding "domestic violence survivors" explicitly to our mission

I propose to add explicitly "domestic violence survivors" the
enumeration of our core target audience as described in our mission:


I think that domestic violence survivors deserve more visibility in our
mission because:

* We agreed that it was important enough to have one of our personas
incarnated as a domestic violence survivors. As a consequence, it also
made it on our new Home page.

* Domestic survivors have the quite specific goals of avoiding
surveillance and repression in their intimate and private
surroundings, while the other categories mentioned already (activists,
journalists, and freedom fighters) are fighting more in the public

* When talking to people about Tails, for example, when I did the
usability tests on the new Home page, domestic violence survivors is
the least obvious. Everybody has heard about activists and
whistleblowers using digital security tools, but domestic violence
survivors often comes as a very interesting surprise.

The sentence would become:

« We make digital security tools accessible to everyone, whenever they
need it: activists, journalists, freedom fighters, domestic violence
survivors, and ultimately, you, whenever you need extra privacy in
this digital world. »

I also don't want to make this enumeration too long and wordy. So if we
prefer, we could also remove "freedom fighters", which overlaps with
"activists". For the record, here are the discussions we had on the term
"freedom fighter" at the beginning of the year:



What do you think?

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