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Author: intrigeri
To: tails-project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] creating a presence of Tails in the fediverse

syster (2020-05-13):
> I like to inform you that I created a presence of Tail in the fediverse.
> I'm gladly awaiting your feedback, however that will be.


I'm glad you've built a prototype, so we can discuss based on
actual examples :)

> I created 2 accounts and marked them as not-official-yet. 5 days ago I
> wrote the first introduction post. You'll find it here:

I understood the 2 accounts are:

- (Mastodon)

- (Friendica)
explains why 2 accounts.

I know next to nothing about the Fediverse so I have a question.

Is someone able to follow either one of these accounts, or both, using
a single account?

In other words, do these 2 accounts reach the exact same audience?

> the workflow (unsure for now. Needs your feedback):
> I am unaware how this is currently being done for the twitter account.

I can't say this is very well defined, but the status quo looks like

- Our Twitter account is mostly write-only. AFAICT, we rarely
participate in discussions there.

One reason is that we lack resources to do more work.

Another reason is that historically, the project preferred that any
communication coming from our collective voice was agreed upon by
the core project members beforehand. The project has changed a lot
since, and perhaps I am overly cautious, but personally I would not
dare engaging in non-trivial discussions on Twitter under the
@Tails_live handle, without significant process clarifications.

- A few Tails people have access to our Twitter account: tails@
members, release managers (and perhaps our mostly-defunct
press team?)

Why "a few"? When speaking with an official Tails account, one
engages Tails' reputation and the safety of our users.

- Occasionally, someone (mostly release managers, technical writers,
fundraising folks) tweets an announcement.

- Rarely, we retweet something. We had a few mishaps in the past
about retweeting, so we're super careful now.

(Writing this makes some tensions obvious to me, but I can't afford to
think about this further now.)

> the friendica account acts mostly as a twitter mirror.

I think a mirror from our Twitter would be a great start! This would
give Tails a voice in the Fediverse, without committing to a higher
communication bandwidth than we can afford.

If we ever decide to change the status quo wrt. who can speak in the
name of Tails on social media, then this discussion could be framed
very differently. For the sake of hopefully reaching & implementing
a conclusion on a first iteration soonish, I propose we frame the
discussion within the status quo _for this first iteration_.

Is this mirroring process automated?
If not, how hard is it to automate this?

> For the end some motivational stats:

Thanks. It's good to see there's some interest :)

The numbers are much smaller than on Twitter, but given how young
these accounts are, I don't think we can draw conclusions from
that alone.