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Author: syster
To: tails-project
Subject: [Tails-project] creating a presence of Tails in the fediverse
I like to inform you that I created a presence of Tail in the fediverse.
I'm gladly awaiting your feedback, however that will be.

The corresponding issue in redmine is here:

[edit: I accidentally send this text from an email address that is not
on the list and then nearly forget to resend it again. That's why the
numbers in the last part are outdated]

What is the fediverse? (for those that don't know yet)

"The fediverse is a network of federated publishing
websites/communities. A big part of the fediverse are microblogging
platforms, trying to offer a non commercial alternative to twitter."

Why is it of interest for Tails (in my opinion):

- it runs on free software and is relatively privacy respecting, no mass
surveillance funded by adds
- different audience then twitter (many joined the fediverse for the
reason of being harassed at twitter. With Tails trying to become more
diverse/inclusive in terms of the development team, it's a space that
can help with that...even so the chosen instance is not that diverse due
to the specific topic it is centered around -> free software)
- even so the fediverse is very small in numbers compared to twitter,
many free software enthusiasts and hackers are present there
- with new audience it can help to reach to new people that could need
Tails and/or can support
- the fediverse in control by its user and by that distributing the
power of moderation. No shut down because Jack Dorsey wants so.
- It is more resilience against censorship because of it's decentralized
...and more, but that shall be enough for a pitch. (maybe too much already)

the fediverse accounts of Tails:

I created 2 accounts and marked them as not-official-yet. 5 days ago I
wrote the first introduction post. You'll find it here:

the workflow (unsure for now. Needs your feedback):

I am unaware how this is currently being done for the twitter account.
Maybe it makes sense to choose the same process. But since there's
anyway coming some workflow changes with the move towards gitlab
(yeah!), I'm also happy to think of a new (experimental) process.

how it is currently being done:

the friendica account acts mostly as a twitter mirror.
the mastodon account is only manually managed. Communication about it
happened so far in the issue tracker and in the xmpp dev MUC.

I'm happily reading your feedback. I am unaware what procedure you wish
to have for organizing those new accounts.

For the end some motivational stats:

the introduction post received 127 re-shares (also called boosts).
the request for a technical writer received 73 boosts, with several.
people showing interest to aply.
the request to donate some stellar coins to Tails received 75 boosts,
with several people giving the feedback that they donated some.
(...but we should also not get to obsessed in such numbers, as they
don't say much about its quality.)
[edit: those numbers are outdated. It's more now. You can check it
yourself by opening a post of this account: https://fosstodon.org/@tails]

kind regards,


PGP: https://keys.openpgp.org/search?q=syster@disroot.org
Fingerprint: B4F0 3BA3 04D7 3AF7 8058 B95F BDD1 8719 ADE6 4AE8