[Tails-project] Shall we translate our Social Contract?

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Author: sajolida
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New-Topics: Re: [Tails-project] [Tails-l10n] Shall we translate our Social Contract?
Subject: [Tails-project] Shall we translate our Social Contract?
See the discussion on #17537.

I'm putting tails-l10n@ in copy once. Though we're discussing
translation here, intrigeri's #17537#note-1 makes it a project-wide
issue. I think that translators would want to be part of such
discussions should subscribe to tails-project@:


The Social Contract [1] and the Mission & Values [2] are very related
and consistent. The Mission & Values is more of an internal document.
The Social Contract states that it is "a promise from our contributors
community to the rest of the world". As such it would make sense to
translate it.

[1]: https://tails.boum.org/contribute/working_together/social_contract/
[2]: https://tails.boum.org/contribute/mission/

xin and gagz proposed me in private to move it somewhere under About and
I might be able to do so while working on the new Home and About pages.

intrigeri seems to remember (in #17537#note-1) that:

* We discussed this when we initially wrote & published that document.

* Our conclusion was: given how ultra-carefully we chose some of the
English phrasing, conveying subtle phrasing choices through
translation is very difficult, so the resulting translated versions
will likely end up expressing something slightly different than

If intrigeri's memory is correct and the status quo resulted from an
explicit collective decision, IMO changing our mind now requires another
collective decision.

intrigeri is fine with having translations as long as they mention that
the canonical/reference/authoritative text is the English version.

I had a very quick look at both text (plus our Code of Conduct) and, to
me, the Social Contract seems to be the easier to translate, which is
good because it would be the most interesting to read for people who
can't read English.

So my first question would be to translators:

Do you think that the Social Contract would be particularly delicate to

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