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Author: sajolida
To: Public mailing list about the Tails project
Subject: [Tails-project] Donation campaign analysis

Here is a short analysis of the donation campaign.

To simplify calculations, this year I accounted the value of cryptos as
their value on the last day of the campaign. Previously I accounted for
their value on the day of donation but it's quite more complicated to
analyze now that we accept more cryptos. Since cryptos account for 41%
of the total and are very volatile, this makes a big difference in the

Total and comparison with last year:

    Amount                81,842 €    +10%
    Number of donations        2006        -10%
    Recurring donors        231        +12%
    Boots per month in 2019        25177        +13%

So it was not our best campaign in any aspect but it was not bad either.
Especially taking into account that it was our cheapest campaign in
terms of workload (~40 h vs ~60 h).

We didn't put a counter on the website because it turned out to be very
time consuming to update (manually!) and didn't prove to be super
efficient last year.

We had a few interesting new sources of income:

- Monero    18,531 € (110 donations with a donation of 300 moneros!)
- Benevity    11,359 € (6 donations)

On the other hand, Zcash and Stellar didn't pay of at all with 573€ and
24 donations combined. We shouldn't invest more into accepting more cryptos.

I didn't analyze the referrers on /donate because I didn't have the logs
on our website.

Still, as always, I see little influence of our different blog posts on
the immediate results on the days after; or at least, new versions
trigger as much spikes. See graph in attachment.

    2019-10-22    version_4.0
    2019-10-31    achievements_in_2019
    2019-12-03    version_4.1
    2019-12-09    plans_for_2020
    2019-12-15    celebrating_10_years

I would say the same for the press campaign that we did around
celebrating_10_years, though I couldn't analyze the referrers.

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