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Author: emma peel
To: Teqleez Motley
CC: The Tails public development discussion list
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Why do not all dotfiles/folders get saved in Persistent storage?
Teqleez Motley:
> Hi all, something that puzzles me, and also means wasted time again and again:

Please send next emails to tails-support@, this is the development channel.

> With persistent storage enabled and functional (restoring extra sofware, etc.)..;
> - terminal profile settings are not persistent
> - wallpaper change and power settings are not persistent
> - theme changes and other settings made with dconf-editor are not persistent
> - (and several more)
> Why is that? This is really awkward, illogical and wasting time while also constantly being an annoyance. No good to have such a factor of negativity that keeps nagging at you each time Tails is restarted.

We are working on making some of this settings persistent, see and related.
> (PS. I have ticked the option to save dotfiles in persistency, and this has been going on like this across many Tails versions now, both with upgraded USB sticks and new installations.)

Ticking the dotfiles option will not automatically save all your dotfiles. That will likely create troubles along different releases.

You have to save copy them to a directory, see instructions at: