[Tails-dev] Why do not all dotfiles/folders get saved in Per…

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Author: Teqleez Motley
To: tails-dev
Subject: [Tails-dev] Why do not all dotfiles/folders get saved in Persistent storage?
Hi all, something that puzzles me, and also means wasted time again and again:

With persistent storage enabled and functional (restoring extra sofware, etc.)..;

- terminal profile settings are not persistent
- wallpaper change and power settings are not persistent
- theme changes and other settings made with dconf-editor are not persistent
- (and several more)

Why is that? This is really awkward, illogical and wasting time while also constantly being an annoyance. No good to have such a factor of negativity that keeps nagging at you each time Tails is restarted.

(PS. I have ticked the option to save dotfiles in persistency, and this has been going on like this across many Tails versions now, both with upgraded USB sticks and new installations.)