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Author: sajolida
To: The Tails public development discussion list, duc01k
Old-Topics: Re: [Tails-ux] Tails Greeter settings
Subject: Re: [Tails-ux] Tails Greeter settings
> I posted a question back in September about the Tails Greeter. I wanted
> to know if making changes to Language and Region settings in the Tails
> Greeter had any negative privacy implications, like making it easier to
> fingerprint users. "u" responded that it would be better to ask the
> Help Desk.
> The response I got from the Help Desk was vague and didn't help me
> understand the issue better - they even changed their mind after their
> first response and sent me a correction, but it was a bit vague too. The
> truth is I don't think the person who responded seemed to know the
> answer for sure, they were just going on some personal testing. I asked
> some follow-up questions for clarity but that was in September and there
> was no response.

Interesting user story... Sorry about that :/

> I looked back at "u"'s email and noticed the full name of this group is
> "Tails user experience & user interface design", and I think this query
> falls strongly under "user experience" _and_ "interface design".
> I checked in the Tails Greeter Help menu (clicking on the (?) in the
> Tails Greeter) and there's no mention there of privacy implications. I
> think this should be remedied. Users should be comfortable knowing what
> impact changes to the Language and Region settings may or may not have
> on user privacy. If there is no impact, users should still be informed
> so that the paranoid ones (and that's why they're using Tails after all)
> can be confident.

I agree.

Surprisingly, it's not even clear to me what the implications of the
Language and Region settings can be on privacy. So I'm moving the
discussion to tails-dev@??? in order to ask our fellow developers.
Slowly but surely we might get an answer :)

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