Re: [Tails-ux] Highlighting colour uniformity and visibility

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Author: duc01k
To: tails-ux
Subject: Re: [Tails-ux] Highlighting colour uniformity and visibility
Teqleez Motley:
> Agreeing with both suggestions, especially about the low contrast.
> However, what about having a poll about the color choice?
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> Teqleez
> On Fri, Nov 22, 2019, at 10:23 AM, duc01k@??? wrote:
>> So the cursor hover highlighting in Tails 4.0 is problematic, I think.
>> The biggest problem for me is the visibility, but the consistency is
>> also an issue. Could the highlighting be applied uniformly in all apps
>> as the bold blue used in Thunderbird? I think that works well.
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I'd like to add that the highlighting on dialog boxes suffers from this
too. So, if I try to launch the Unsafe Browser (for example), the
highlighting on the "Launch" or "Exit" button when I hit TAB is _very_
subtle, just a thin outline round the edges. If I had a HiDPI screen or
vision problems it would be almost impossible to see the difference.

I think this contrast, uniformity and visibility issue is a problem that
needs to be addressed system-wide. Perhaps it could be viewed as an
"Universal Access/Accessibility" matter to encourage progress.