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Author: segfault
To: tails-ux
Subject: Re: [Tails-ux] #16990: Update our list of "Favorites" applications

> Rationale:
> - Adding "Tails documentation" and "Report an Error" will make it easier
> to get rid of the desktop icons (#11717).

I like that, because I think it's important that those are visible.

> - I'm removing GNOME Files because it's already accessible through
> Places in many ways.
> - I'm removing Pidgin because I really don't think that it's more
> popular than OnionShare or Electrum, for example.
> - I'm removing "Terminal" because the people who use it would know how
> to find it.

I don't like the idea of removing favorites which we had for a very long
time. It forces users to change their workflow, and there is no easy way
for them to change it back, because we don't have a persistence preset
for the favorite apps. This seems like bad UX.

IMO, if we want to remove apps from the favorites list, we should also
support to customize it.