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Author: sajolida
To: Tails user experience & user interface design
Subject: [Tails-ux] #16990: Update our list of "Favorites" applications
See https://redmine.tails.boum.org/code/issues/16990

The "Applications" GNOME extension has a "Favorites" menu. It's useful
as a shortcut to prevent users from diving into submenus most of the
time and also as a way of providing an overview of what's possible to do
with Tails to new users.

Our list is pretty old and haven't changed a lot over time. For example,
proposals for addition by Mickael Gerstacker in tails-testers:


(His answer to this one is better but it doesn't seem to be in the
archive of the list.)

I initially considered adding:

* OnionShare, it was remarkably popular in the VeraCrypt survey:
* "Configure persistent volume", important for discoverability by first
time users "Additional Software"
* "Unlock VeraCrypt Volumes" as a great way of advertising our recent

We could add items in the menu for which we get some easy agreement and
using our personas. If we need more discussion we might get some help
from data gathered in a survey (#14545).

Current list:

    Tor Browser
    Pidgin Internet Messenger

My proposal is:

    Tor Browser
    Configure persistent volume
    Tails Installer
    Tails documentation
    Report an Error


- Adding "Tails documentation" and "Report an Error" will make it easier
to get rid of the desktop icons (#11717).
- I'm removing GNOME Files because it's already accessible through
Places in many ways.
- I'm removing Pidgin because I really don't think that it's more
popular than OnionShare or Electrum, for example.
- I'm removing "Terminal" because the people who use it would know how
to find it.
- I'm adding "Configure persistent volume" because it's a core feature
that we want people to use more. See also #17331 about renaming it to
- I'm adding "Tails Installer" (or better "Tails Cloner") because it's
an important custom tool.
- I'm not adding "Additional Software" because it's already also
advertised from the Persistence configuration.

What do you think?

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