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Author: nodens
To: Public mailing list about the Tails project
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] [Brainstorm by Nov 27] Criteria for choosing which GitLab we will use
Hi, and sorry for the late reply.

On 29/11/2019 20:14, intrigeri wrote:
> Hi nodens,
> nodens:
>> - can we use the backup features for migrating elsewhere if needed? Or
>> are those restricted?
> AFAIK the project import/export feature¹ is always available. Do you
> have indications that it can be restricted?
> [1]

I meant it has to be tested to ensure it works sufficiently well for our
needs. I don't have any precise memory of which proiblem I encountered,
but I remember I had some (while trying to restore stuff while trying to
recover from disaster). It was mainly permissions issues on subprojects
etc on a complex authorization scheme, and it was on an old version, so
it might be totally irrelevant here. And it might also have been due to
local specific changes.

I have no experience with it recently, and the documentation you're
linking to is indicating it shouldn't be an issue in our use case: we
can probably just recreate users/groups as needed, if we need to migrate
for any reason - there isn't dozens of teams with people in multiple
teans and complex AAA requirement, from what I understand of our usage
of git and surrounding stuff.

In our case, either you have access or you don't. possibly you can only
read and not push. My issues where stuff like "this team should be able
to clone and submit PR, view all history, but also directly push stuff
to this and this branch on a handful of projects in this namespace and
not be able to view the others".

> Or maybe you were asking about backup/restore of the full GitLab
> instance? In this case, I think it requires:
>  - We're hosted on an instance that's dedicated to Tails (be it
>    self-hosted or not): nobody will give us a backup of their full
>    GitLab, including confidential data that belongs to other projects.

> and
>  - Either SSH access to the GitLab machine, or good communication with
>    the admins of the GitLab that hosts our stuff. Both are covered in
>    the comparison I'm preparing so we're good on this front.

> Makes sense?

Yes. I wasn't particularly referring to this case, as I don't think
exporting users settings etc would be critical in our case - it was the
case in the issues I was refering to, though, but we can probably
discard this concern entirely here.