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Author: Muri Nicanor
To: tails-testers
CC: Joe Dilla
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] ***Urgent possible major security flaw, please read***

this is the tails-testers mailinglist, I think one of the othter tails
mailinglists might be better suited for such a mail, maybe tails-project
or tails-dev.


On 10/23/19 3:58 PM, Joe Dilla wrote:
> Hello, recently a couple very popular mainstream adblocking extensions were
> exposed as scams - the developers were using the plugins to make millions
> off of unsuspecting users.

The article does not say that mainstream adblocking extensions are
scams, but that there are extensions out there that pretend to be one or
the other of the mainstream adblocking extensions. And the article is
about the chrome web store, which is for the google chrome browser.
So the extension ublock origin, which Tails ships, is not malicious.


> One of these extensions is Ublock origin, which
> we currently have enabled in TAILS/TOR.
> Here's an article:
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