Re: [Tails-dev] Advice on jumping in as a newcomer

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Author: intrigeri
To: mycobee, tails-dev
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Advice on jumping in as a newcomer

> I'm not sure how directly transferable my skillsets are to the Tails
> project, but I'd love to help where I can.  I've been a user and
> supporter of Tails for about half a decade, and I'd love to finally
> give some of my programming skills back.


> I've looked at some of the "starter tickets", but it can be hard to
> get a gauge of what all is happening with the code base.

Right. I've selected a few tickets that might fit:

- (Python + Qt)

Theory says it should be simple. Practice may disagree.

- (Python + GTK)

I have no idea how hard this one is. But it would be a great
improvement for speakers of some non-English languages.

- (JavaScript)

This one probably needs to go through UX design first; if you
mention your interest to @sajolida on the ticket, he might manage
to fast-track it a bit

- (Python + GTK)

Only worth it if you happen to find a cheap and simple solution
without spending much time on it (see segfault's comment).
The code lives there in our main Git repository:

Feel free to ask more questions or details here or on Redmine.
Depending on the ticket you pick and on the timing, your primary
point of contact for your first contribution might be me, or one of my

> Also many times when I go to a file in a repo I get a forbidden
> error to see the code.

Oh? An example?