[Tails-testers] [Call for testing] Partition table change

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Author: intrigeri
To: Tails list for early testers
Subject: [Tails-testers] [Call for testing] Partition table change

I have a tentative fix ready for the "Some USB sticks become
unbootable in legacy BIOS mode after first boot" (#16389) problem.
It slightly changes the way we repartition the USB stick on
first boot.

I would like to know whether this fix breaks Tails startup on
computers that would otherwise work fine, so please do the test
described below and report back. We need to fix this by the end of the
week so it gets into Tails 3.12, so this request of mine is quite

Please use the same USB stick and computer for all tests below,
so we can compare their results.

1. Download the USB image (.img file) from
once it's there (in ~1 hour).

2. Install this USB image on a USB stick, using the simplified
installation method documented on

3. Start Tails from that USB stick.

4. Shut down Tails.

5. Start Tails from that USB stick again.

In case of failure:

- Please report the brand and model of the affected computer and
USB stick.

- If any of steps 3 and 5 failed: please retry using the 3.12~rc1 USB
image: https://tails.boum.org/news/test_3.12-rc1/

- If any of these Tails fails to start, please retry with Tails 3.11
installed with Tails Installer.

Thanks in advance!