Re: [Tails-testers] Testing the 3.12 image

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Author: intrigeri
To: Phredo, Tails list for early testers
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] Testing the 3.12 image
hi phredo,

> Phredo via Tails-testers:
>> But, after closing Tails and trying to reboot the computer again
>> into Tails, the computer booted instead into Windows. When I tried
>> again, using the F12 key to pull up the boot menu, the menu showed
>> no bootable USB drive. When I looked at the drive in another
>> computer running Puppy Linux, the disk manager program (I forget
>> the name of it) showed the partition seemingly intact with the
>> "boot" option still checked.

> Ouch. You're the second person who reports this exact problem. I was
> not able to reproduce it myself. This seems to be a regression caused
> by the new partitioning script. It would be really bad to release
> a Tails that breaks the boot on computers that previously worked fine.

Can you please do the tests that follow and report back?

We need to fix this by the end of the week so it gets into Tails 3.12,
so this request of mine is quite timing-sensitive. Given only two
people reported this problem

a. Test my candidate fix

   1. Download the .img file from

2. Install it on the exact same USB stick, using Etcher again.

   3. Try to start from that USB stick on the same computer that
      exposed the problem. If it works, start a second time.

(Rationale: tell whether the fix I've prepared is sufficient for
your hardware.)

b. Test Tails 3.11 installed with Tails Installer

   1. Start Tails 3.11, installed in whichever way works for you,
      on another USB stick.

   2. Clone this Tails, using Tails Installer, to the exact same USB
      stick that exposed the bug you've reported. Shut down the system.

   3. Start from the exact same USB stick that exposed the bug you've
      reported, on the same computer.

(Rationale: check if the problem you've reported is a regression
compared to installing Tails with Tails Installer. I very much
suspect it's not.)

Finally, please tell us what the brand and model of the affected USB
stick and computer are.

Thanks in advance!