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Author: Patrick Schleizer
To: Everything about freepto, The Tails public development discussion list
CC: Abel Luck, Patrick Schleizer, matth
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] [Freepto] Let's share username, /etc/hostname and /etc/host among all anonymity distributions
> Hi,
> I've just stumbled upon an issue [1] open by Jake on Subgraph OS bug
> tracker, about this topic, so I thought I would close this thread
> that's still lying in my inbox, and sum up the process that lead us to
> a (not implemented) conclusion.
> Last time we discussed it over 2013 and 2014, first on this list
> (threads start at [2] and [3]), we ended up deciding [4] that we
> preferred a shared username+hostname among anonymity/privacy-related
> distributions.
> The username that was settled upon is "user".
> The hostname that was settled upon was "host" initially, and then most
> of us preferred "debian"; but since the goal is to _share_ a common
> hostname with other distros, prior art counts.
> Patrick, what does Whonix use currently?

Sorry for the delay, this slipped through my inbox and I just now found
this by chance.

As agreed back then.

username: user

hostname: host host.localdomain host

(Implemented in - which is a
package supposed to be shared among privacy focused distributions.)