[Freepto] freepto 1.1.0 is out!

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Author: boyska
To: Everything about freepto
Subject: [Freepto] freepto 1.1.0 is out!
You may have read about it on the "news" section in www.freepto.mx:
freepto 1.1.0 is out.

The biggest change is the removal of Flash, but there is some other
enhancement and bugfix, too.

This release is very important from a SECURITY point of view, but just
releasing is not enough: we need to make sure that every user has a
clear idea of how to handle it properly. So in the next days we will be
writing a document to explain why and how to migrate to the new release.
We will keep you updated!

And now, some technical detail: in releasing freepto 1.1.0 we enhanced
our release process a bit, so that releasing a version is a bit smoother
now. We hope to be able to release incremental updates more and more

Thank you all for your support!