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Author: boyska
To: Everything about freepto
Subject: Re: [Freepto] freepto and flash
On 13/07/2015 14:09, aab3r@??? wrote:
> El 2015-07-13 12:01, piuttosto@??? escribió:
>> ok, so I tagged that commit (4eedb8b) as v1.0.4stable

oops, I meant (and did) v1.1.0stable
Since removing flash is not a so-minor change.

> I have to prepare 5 usb with freepto for the workshop i'll be giving
> tomorrow. Please, remember the spanish build...

yep, the release process should be automated as for different versions

we keep all the different configurations we need and build all of them
one after the other. automating things is the only way (for me, at
least) not to forget anything :)

gpg --recv-keys 0x58289ca9