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Author: Patrick Schleizer
To: freepto
New-Topics: Re: [Tails-dev] [Freepto] (senza oggetto)
Subject: Re: [Freepto] (senza oggetto)
Jurre van Bergen:
> Dear Privacy Distributions,

Hi! :)

> Or what are you working on?

I am currently working on splitting Whonix into multiple packages.
Having ability to be used by other privacy distributions on general
Libre Software users in mind.

I hope that a lot of functionality can and eventually will be used by
other privacy and/or general distributions.

Have a look at what packages/functionality is provided:

(~6 pages; ~100 packages)

Help with getting packaging ready to be acceptable for Debian [etc.],
mentoring, finding Debian maintainer, etc. is welcome!

> - Feature #5655: Share username and hostname amongst all anonymity
> distributions
> I included the last one, since I brought it up at backbone409 and
> might be interesting to have as an discussion.

I have no strong opinion about this yet. Fine either way.

The feature "Share username and hostname amongst all anonymity" has been
implemented as a Debian package:

The Subject of this thread is non-ideal.

Perhaps we need a general privacy distribution mailing list, where we
invite the Qubes OS devs as well? Fine either way.

All the best,
Patrick Schleizer
(a maintainer of the Whonix privacy distribution)