[Tails-dev] Post-backbone collaboration

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Author: Jurre van Bergen
To: The Tails public development discussion list
CC: freepto, info
Old-Topics: [Freepto] (senza oggetto)
Subject: [Tails-dev] Post-backbone collaboration


E-mail is hard, my apologies for the resend, but now everyone is cc'd
and it's easier to stay in the loop. Please use "reply-all" to keep
everyone in the loop.!

- ---------

Dear Privacy Distributions,

It was good to see all of you recently at backbone409, I would like to
keep this momentum fresh and e-mail you about how we can improve some
software upstream we all benefit from, below, some tickets we would like
to see happening, from Tails' side.

What are the things freepto and subgraph would like to see happening? Or
what are you working on? Perhaps a good start would be to make an
inventory of bugs we would like to see resolved? :) Thoughts?

For the folks who weren't at backbone409, we had a long discussion about
our privacy distributions and finding out we are all based on Debian,
this makes for "leveraging" work! Hurray!

- - Feature #6337: Add support for TrueCrypt volumes in udisks

- - Feature #5868: hkps support in Seahorse

- - Feature #6272: Wait for GNOME GnuPG agent to support OpenPGP smartcards

- - Feature #5655: Share username and hostname amongst all anonymity

I included the last one, since I brought it up at backbone409 and might
be interesting to have as an discussion.

All the best,