(L) L' Enfance Rouge : Out Now On Vinyl

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Author: April 2011
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Subject: (L) L' Enfance Rouge : Out Now On Vinyl
The latest set from the Franco-Italian trio peddling avant-rock vibes for some 15 odd years, Bar-Bari takes the heavy bass and angular rhythms of the Jesus Lizard, the punk-jazz moves of Zu, and throws in a healthy dose of twisted rock'n'roll. It's a good mix overall, making for a suitably in-your-face record.
Rock-a-rola Magazine, UK, April 2011.

Double vinyl 10" gatefold :
Les Disques de Plomb (F)
Musica per Organi Caldi (I)
cd :
Wallace Records (I)

General Export Manager : Ahmed Darwish - Trasporti Marittimi

L'Enfance Rouge