[Hackmeeting] [TALK] workshop audio synthesis

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Author: groente
To: hackmeeting
Subject: [Hackmeeting] [TALK] workshop audio synthesis
hello *,

first of all, i hope i understood the process correctly to propose a
workshop for the upcoming hackmeeting on this list. you'll have to
forgive me for my poor understanding of italian...

that said, i'd like to give a workshop explaining the basics of analog
audio synthesis and building little trautonium / light-theremin
synthesizer/noiseboxes. you can see the prototype in action on

i can bring all the components and materials needed to build a few of
these boxes, explain how they work, etc. note that they are not fancy
custommade pcb's, as i believe the educational value of simply soldering
things on a ready-made board is close to zero - the boxes are made on
protoboard, leaving a lot of options for making your own variations and

there is one practical problem, because i won't have space to bring
enough tools. will there be soldering irons, a battery drill, and
possibly an oscilloscope that could be used for the workshop?

in any case, let me know if there's interest in a workshop like this.
hope to see you all soon!