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Author: Aaron Kreider
To: occupyresearch
Subject: Re: [Occupyresearch] 5 years later... time to officially bury OccupyResearch
It's probably a good idea to close the list =)


So not really related, but I thought I might as well plug my project - - a high resolution open data map of race and income.
Useful for community organizing and understanding how race and class
permeate every aspect of our society.

It has an API and basic GIS tools (ex. compare who lives within 1, 5,
10, 25 miles of a point). Using this I built a Spatial Justice Test to
test a set of points - which is useful for
environmental racism and other things (ex. proximity to good schools or
public transport).

I'm offering free map tile layers. So you can easily include race and
income on your online map with a couple lines of javascript.

My latest map project is estimating household income by block using race
(and the national differences in median household income by race), some
smoothing (incorporating surorunding census tracts), and a custom
algorithm that I wrote. This is typically 80 times more resolution than
using census tracts, though it comes with major assumptions which might
be wrong. But it shows some neat block by block differences, which are
probably true in my neighborhood.

I'm also working on a custom heat map algorithm (and generally free
API/system) so that I can make high resolution heat maps of the impact
of power plants, toxic sites, and possibly oil/gas wells. If anyone
knows how to write fast C++ software or wants to help with the
algorithm, I could use help.

I'd love to hear what others are up to! And especially email me if you
are interested in Census data, GIS, environmental justice, etc.


On 9/28/2016 6:27 PM, pablo rey wrote:
> Dear occupy researchers,
> The 5th anniversary of OWS is gone, and soon will be 5 years since the
> first OccupyResearch conference call
> <>
> (Oct. 29th, 2011). How about solemnly closing this project? On Oct
> 10th 2016 the domain is expiring. Let's bury it.
> For the past 4 years <>
> website hasn't been updated. Two or three years ago the server expired
> and we had to restore the backup in a new place. Images and important
> files were lost, but thanks to the waybackmachine at
> <> we could rescue them. Recently we restored the
> original Wordpress theme, repaired broken videos and the re-uploaded
> the wiki pages that were under password at
> <>
> You can now browse all the original content at
> <>, but in a few days we'll be transforming
> the dynamic website to a static one (thanks wget!) and archive it in
> the website cemetery at
> <> [not yet
> available] (thanks to Montera34 cemetery
> <>!). A nice way to
> continue having access to files and forget about maintenance and
> paying the domain. Clones are welcome.
> Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
> Do you want to throw some last words in the funeral? ideas? answer to
> this email and/or post them in the blog for posterity. If you don't
> know how to access the blog, ask me!
> Occupyresearch is dead! Occupy is dead!
> Long live the 99 percent!
> best,
> Chris, Pablo and Sasha
> --
> Pablo Rey Mazón
> @numeroteca <>
> <>
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High resolution map of race and income -->