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Author: David Stodolsky
To: List of the shared space for distributed research occupyresearch
Subject: Re: [Occupyresearch] 5 years later... time to officially bury OccupyResearch

> On 29 Sep 2016, at 01:33, Aaron Kreider <aaron@???> wrote:
> It's probably a good idea to close the list =)

I would keep it open, since it is a very low effort/cost option that maintains contact among a select group.

> I'd love to hear what others are up to! And especially email me if you are interested in Census data, GIS, environmental justice, etc.

The focus on local environmental problems needs to be reinforced, since the “global warming” agenda has become ineffectual and corporatized. Actually, I view it as counterproductive: <>

While Occupy is gone, we still need to support grassroots organizing with improved technology.
I am trying to upgrade this right now so it will be easier to use and more reliable.
It is an open source project that could use some JavaScript developers.: <>


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