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Author: Santiago Piccinini
To: Emery Hemingway via LibreMesh
Subject: Re: [lime] Downloads?
Hi Emery! Welcome!

El 20/6/22 a las 20:05, Emery Hemingway via LibreMesh escribió:
> Hi,
> Where is the best place to get builds of LibreMesh?

> The LibreMesh website says I should download an image from 2017 but that
> doesn't seem right.

The last stable release is 2020.1 and the build (only ath79 target) is

Your device may not be supported in that build you, in that case you
will have to build it.

I've updated the docs links, thanks for reporting it.

There have been many changes since 2020.1 but we have not tagged a new
release yet.