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Author: boyska
To: tails-dev
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Very concerned about messages while attempting to shut down.
James Griffin:
>I have tails 5.1 and when I attempted to shut down, it did not shut down
>completely and I received the following messages on a black screen:
>[SKIP] ordering cycle found, skipping WPA supplicant
>[SKIP] ordering cycle found, skipping prepare namespaces
>[SKIP] ordering cycle found, skipping network manager
>[SKIP] ordering cycle found, skipping anonymizing overlay network
>[SKIP] ordering cycle found, skipping wait for Tor to have bootstrapped
>I have no idea what this means but it doesn't sound good. Should I be
>concerned? I had turned off my wifi in tails prior to this; would this have
>had something to do with it?

Hello, and thanks for reporting this!
For sure the fact that Tails was not shutting down properly is not nice.
Does this happen often? If so, can you give us more details?

Anyway, those messages are not worrying: you're just seeing the system