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Author: cri
To: libremesh
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Subject:     Re: [lime] Re: This list
Date:     Thu, 26 May 2022 14:21:49 +0200
From:     cri <kikigazze@???>
To:     lime-users@???

On 22/04/22 01:11, guifipedro wrote:
> Juergen, I also don't use libremesh, but I appreciate being part of
> the community; helping and being helped

yes and also Libremesh is a modular project to enanched the possibility
to SURVIVE for the DEVELOPING of mesh network.

[next paragraph ironic]

Because ... a lot of times.. also if are genious and very privilegiated
people, the developers ... frequently..

after 6 or 9 years of correct works in a comunity .... building the
firmwares for all the devices for everyone... they start to want to do
other things..

like play tennis, or have a baby, or teach origami, or growing plants or
have a paied job...

and the connection of the community die.

[end of ironic p]

So if the communities/nerds not share the knowledge, put attentions to
the single points of failures, and put together the effor ... mesh
network are difficult to maintain. Are too complex for a jerarchical
organization, are daily and for a long time.

So feel that worldwide we are working together for a equo system of
comunication between human, for a better internet with less
concentration of power, for a lower step of access to the knowledge that
is not more from a community but is from and for the world. So for me is
why exist projects like Libremesh.

to put the effor together because are project bigger of us. Also us, in
this step we are on the shoulder of others and we giveback something..

and we are going a work of facilitation that is super important.

I know other 3 languages, a degree in italian litterature and I know how
configure openwrt, but I think that for all the other participants in
our mesh network..

arrive to install libremesh on their device by themself, is enought
because they have other specializations (sometimes really more tech than
mine, but not specific for net).

So libremesh is needful to our comunity net to survive!

Or for me is needful for the surviving of a net that I think "for the
people", that maybe was the idea of the first internet.

So I love openwrt, we are on top of them, and both make sense.

hugs Cristina

yes and I enjoy write bad english... :)

> On Thu, Apr 21, 2022 at 10:44 AM Juergen Kimmel
> <juergenkimmel@???> wrote:
>> Juergen Kimmel <juergenkimmel@???> schrieb am Do., 21. Apr.
>> 2022, 10:41:
>>> Because my mesh ist quite small I switched to a pure Openwrt
>>> 802.11s. In case it get bigger I would just add Batman
>>> So I won't need Libremesh any more
>>> Cheers
>>> andymcschopf <andymcschopf@???> schrieb am Mi., 20. Apr. 2022,
>>> 15:43:
>>>> ...so the mesh is still alive ;-)
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>>>> Von: Juergen Kimmel <juergenkimmel@???>
>>>> Datum: 19.04.22 20:54 (GMT+01:00)
>>>> An: LibreMesh <lime-users@???>
>>>> Betreff: [lime] Re: This list
>>>> Sometimes I wondered if Libremesh had died
>>>> Me too!!
>>>> amuza <amuza@???> schrieb am Di., 19. Apr. 2022, 00:21:
>>>>> Thank you Ilario for your reply.
>>>>> I have been able to read your message because today I managed to
>>>>> subscribe to the list using another email address (that did not work
>>>>> some weeks ago when I tried).
>>>>> I have only received your message there, in the new one, not here in
>>>>> this one I write from, this is my old email address, the one I have
>>>>> always used in this mailing list. So I confirm I am subscribed, I can
>>>>> send but I do not receive.
>>>>> It'd be nice if it could be fixed, I'd rather keep using this address
>>>>> for this mailing list.
>>>>> Ilario, I tried to follow your suggestion on checking options on the
>>>>> preferences page of the mailing list, but I got a "We have sent an
>>>>> e-mail to you for verification. Follow the link provided to
>>>>> finalize the
>>>>> signup process." and, guess what, I have not received any message :)
>>>>> I'm not any expert on mailing lists or mail servers, but I
>>>>> volunteer to
>>>>> investigate and troubleshoot the issue.
>>>>> And the same goes for the archive. It'd be nice to make the
>>>>> archive work.
>>>>> Nice to read you again!! Sometimes I wondered if Libremesh had died.
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