[Tails-l10n] Reviewers: Please test Weblate 4 before we upgr…

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Author: tails-weblate
To: tails-l10n
Subject: [Tails-l10n] Reviewers: Please test Weblate 4 before we upgrade

Hello, dear translatxrs.


tl;dr -- Please try out https://translate.dev.tails.boum.org/ and report
strange findings by Feb 4th 2022.


In an effort to catch major issues before upgrading from Weblate version
3 to version 4, we'd like to kindly ask our _Reviewers_ to do a 5min
test in our test installation.

The goal is to identify any broken features and also make sure that
there are no changes to the translation workflow.

If you are a Reviewer in our Weblate, please do the following steps
before Feb 4th 2022 and take notes of anything weird you find in your

    1. Access the test website, at: https://translate.dev.tails.boum.org
    2. Add a suggestion while logged out.
    3. Login with your username and password.
    4. Add a suggestion while logged in.
    5. Accept a suggestion and approve it.
    6. Translate a random string and approve it.
    7. Drop us a line at tails-weblate@??? to tell us you tested,
       even if you found nothing wrong.

If you found something wrong, please make sure to include the following
info in your message so we can check against our logs:

    - Your username.
    - The URL of the page you interacted with.
    - The time that the issue manifested.
    - What you tried to do.
    - A screenshot, if you think is necessary and want to be super nice to

Please note that:

    - The database is from some weeks ago so you'll not find latest
      source strings or translations there.

    - We will not port these tests to production, so you don't need to
      bother doing a good translation job. ;)

    - This is not about evaluating or changing the current workflow
      (that is already mapped to be done in the future), but about
      trying to make sure we don't break stuff when doing a major
      upgrade of Weblate.

Thanks a lot for your time, support, translations, good will and
resistance! :)