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To: tails-sysadmins, tails-dev, tails-mirrors
Subject: [Tails-dev] Python 3.10? ...
Hi, I’m very sorry to disturb you.

I’m wondering why the browser breaks when I install python 3.10.0 from source. I have to compile it because it isn’t available through apt. I’m pretty sure I compile correctly. I didn’t want to alter apt sources in any way....I’m not confident to securing apt properly.

I’m trying to build an open source app from GitHub. It needs 3.10 at minimum to build it, and 3.9.5 at minimum to run it.

I would assume more than the browser crash is happening. I am concluding that function of the OS, in general, is dependent on python being 2.7 and python3 being 3.7. I don’t know much.

I don’t expect a response, that’s ok. I know you’re all busy. I will continue trying to use venv.