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Author: Zen Fu
To: sajolida, The Tails public development discussion list
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] results for usability tests of first-time use (#18074)
sajolida <sajolida@???> writes:
> Hi,
> Last week I did usability tests of downloading, installing, and starting
> Tails with 5 people. I recruited them through friends of friends in
> activist circles. None of them had heard about Tails before.

Thanks for conducting these tests and for sharing your findings, I think
they're very interesting and will surely improve the usage process.

> I handed them a Tails leaflet (in Spanish) and asked them to go ahead
> and use it. They all installed and started on a MacBook Pro that I provided.
> Unfortunately, VLC didn't record any audio for some mysterious reason so
> I can't share any video clips with you.
> We hadn't tested this entire flow since 2015 and so many things happened
> since then.

That sounds to me as a too long interval for such important work, right?
I wonder if you or someone has an evaluation re. the amount of UX work
needed vs the amount of resources/focus allocated to it, past and

> You can see the detailed findings and the 19 issues that I created from
> in this rainbow table:

Cool, thanks for mapping those!