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Author: intrigeri
To: The Tails public development discussion list
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Tor Browser 11.0.3 (Windows/macOS/Linux) is ready for testing

Georg Koppen (2021-12-18):
> We are happy to announce the first Tor Browser 11.0.3 release candidate
> for wider testing. Packages can be found at:
> Tor Browser 11.0.3 updates Firefox to 91.4.1esr and picks up a number of
> bug fixes for our 11.0 stable series. In particular, this release should
> fix various extension related and crash issues Windows users were
> experiencing. Additionally, Linux users especially on Ubuntu and Fedora
> systems were reporting fonts not properly rendering. We believe those
> problems will be solved in the 11.0.3 release as well.
> We used the opportunity to upgrade various components to their
> respective latest versions as well: Tor to, OpenSSL to 1.1.1m,
> and snowflake for enhanced censorship resistance.

I skimmed over the changelog and found nothing in there that would
deserve an extra, unscheduled (aka. "emergency") Tails release.