[Tails-dev] Tor Browser 11.0.2 (Win/macOS/Linux) is ready fo…

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Author: Matthew Finkel
To: tor-qa
CC: tails-dev
Subject: [Tails-dev] Tor Browser 11.0.2 (Win/macOS/Linux) is ready for testing

We are happy to announce the first Tor Browser 11.0.1 release candidate
for wider testing. Packages can be found at:


Tor Browser 11.0.2 updates Firefox to 91.4.0esr.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 11.0.1 is:
* Windows + OS X + Linux
* Update Firefox to 91.4.0esr
* Bug 40318: Remove check for DISPLAY env var in start-tor-browser [tor-browser-build]
* Bug 40386: Add new default obfs4 bridge "deusexmachina" [tor-browser-build]
* Bug 40682: Disable network.proxy.allow_bypass [tor-browser]
* Linux
* Bug 40387: Remove some fonts on Linux [tor-browser-build]