[Tails-dev] Preparing the next monthly report

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Author: noreply
To: tails-dev
Subject: [Tails-dev] Preparing the next monthly report
We should start writing the monthly report for last month.

A blueprint with the current report, who volunteered to curate it, and
tips on how to fill it can be found on:


But *you* should make sure that the cool stuff that *you* did will be
mentioned in there. The person who volunteered to curate the report will
help coordinate, patch, and rephrase things but will not be able to go
through every possible source of information (including what's in your

Keeping in mind that these reports are targeted at the other Tails
contributors, people contributing to related projects, expert users, and
Tails advocates, so they can be useful, for example, to:

- Give others a quick overview of what you are doing and where your work
can be found.
- Get help or feedback from others.
- Give a sense of the very diverse contributions that are valuable to
the project and encourage more people to join in.
- Show off how cool we are!