Re: [Tails-dev] Preparing the next monthly report

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Author: ignifugo
To: tails-dev
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Preparing the next monthly report

On 12/05/21 18:10, intrigeri wrote:
> Hi,
> ignifugo (2021-05-11):
>> I think are missing the metrics of the total monthly user. A big thanks
>> to who can add it.
> I added the total number. I did not do the maths.
>> BUT please read and review ;)
> I can review a tested (i.e. locally built) MR later this week.

ok, So if I understood well I have to do the merge request in gitlab.

Agree, I think to do friday morning.

AH I read about this...


Ask Me Anything session with Tails


Tails<> is organizing an Ask Me Anything session
with 2 of its core developers. It will be a great place to:

- Get to know each others and connect developers with users
- Give us feedback on how Tails is working for you
- Ask us any question that you might have regarding Tails

Who: boyska (core developer) and sajolida (UX designer)

Date: Wednesday, June 2

Time: 14:00 UTC

From the TOR malinglist of global south, If I find a link of the event
somewhere of if someone can pass to me..

I will add in the upcoming event in the report of April.

Congratulation for organize it!

and thanks