[Tails-dev] Additional Storage document confusion

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Author: duc01k
To: tails-dev
Subject: [Tails-dev] Additional Storage document confusion

This is a different point to the one I just made about being deanonymized.


When I was reading the documentation for that feature again I realized I
had misunderstood the 'Install Only Once' feature. This only prevents
the software from being _Installed_ automatically:

> If you choose Install Only Once, the package is also saved in the Persistent Storage but won't be reinstalled automatically every time you start Tails

But then I realized the confusion is because of the documentation,
because there is a section headed 'Removing additional software'. After
reading the section again I realized it should be headed '_Uninstalling_
additional software' because that's what it's referring to. The word
remove in most of this section should be changed to 'uninstalling' I think.

The very end of that section talks about 'removing' additional software
again, but this time it _does_ mean from the persistent storage
completely and that doesn't need to be changed.

Could you also update this section or add a new one to advise users on
the best way to identify and re-install uninstalled persistent software?

Thanks guys.