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Author: Tails - News
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Subject: [Tails-testers] [Tails-news] Tails 4.16 is out
This release fixes [known security
You should upgrade as soon as possible.

# New features

# Changes and updates

* Update _Tor Browser_ to [10.0.12](https://blog.torproject.org/new-release-tor-browser-10012).

* Update _Thunderbird_ to [78.7.0](https://www.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/78.7.0/releasenotes/).

* Update _Linux_ to 5.10.13. This should improve the support for newer hardware (graphics, Wi-Fi, and so on).

* Update _Tor_ to

# Fixed problems

* Stop focusing on the **Cancel** button by default when downloading an upgrade to prevent canceling the download by mistake. ([#18072](https://gitlab.tails.boum.org/tails/tails/-/issues/18072))

For more details, read our

# Known issues

* Automatic upgrades are broken from Tails 4.14 and earlier.

To upgrade from Tails 4.14 or earlier, you can either:

    * Do a [manual upgrade](https://tails.boum.org/doc/upgrade/index.en.html#manual).

    * Fix the automatic upgrade from a terminal. To do so:

      1. Start Tails and set up an [administration password](https://tails.boum.org/doc/first_steps/welcome_screen/administration_password/index.en.html).

      2. In a terminal, execute the following command:

                        torsocks curl --silent https://gitlab.tails.boum.org/tails/tails/-/raw/master/config/chroot_local-includes/usr/share/tails/certs/lets-encrypt-r3.pem \
            | sudo tee --append /usr/local/etc/ssl/certs/tails.boum.org-CA.pem \
            && systemctl --user restart tails-upgrade-frontend

This command is a single command that wraps across several lines. Copy and
paste the entire block at once and make sure that it executes as a single

      3. About 30 seconds later, you should be prompted to upgrade to the latest version of Tails. If no prompt appear, you might already be running the latest version of Tails.

See the list of [long-standing

# Get Tails 4.16

## To upgrade your Tails USB stick and keep your persistent storage

* Automatic upgrades are broken from Tails 4.14 and earlier. See the [known issue above](https://tails.boum.org/news/index.en.html#broken-upgrades).

* Automatic upgrades are available from Tails 4.15 or later to 4.16.

* If you cannot do an automatic upgrade or if Tails fails to start after an automatic upgrade, please try to do a [manual upgrade](https://tails.boum.org/doc/upgrade/index.en.html#manual).

## To install Tails on a new USB stick

Follow our installation instructions:

* [Install from Windows](https://tails.boum.org/install/win/index.en.html)
* [Install from macOS](https://tails.boum.org/install/mac/index.en.html)
* [Install from Linux](https://tails.boum.org/install/linux/index.en.html)

The Persistent Storage on the USB stick will be lost if you install instead of

## To download only

If you don't need installation or upgrade instructions, you can download Tails
4.16 directly:

* [For USB sticks (USB image)](https://tails.boum.org/install/download/index.en.html)
* [For DVDs and virtual machines (ISO image)](https://tails.boum.org/install/download-iso/index.en.html)

# What's coming up?

Tails 4.17 is [scheduled](https://tails.boum.org/contribute/calendar/) for
March 23.

Have a look at our [roadmap](https://tails.boum.org/contribute/roadmap) to see
where we are heading to.

We need your help and there are many ways to [contribute to
([donating](https://tails.boum.org/donate/?r=4.16) is only one of them). Come
[talk to us](https://tails.boum.org/about/contact/index.en.html#tails-dev)!

URL: https://tails.boum.org/news/version_4.16/index.en.html
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