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Author: syster
To: The Tails public development discussion list
Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] selling merch as Tails while outsourcing the effort - some concrete ideas
I'm in a position, where I have at one point time to be committed to offer support to Tails, and then from one moment to the other it can change being offline for months.

Being the contact person will fail sooner or later.

where help by core is needed:

contact Person:
Being the contact person the collectives/company can reach out if they need to.
This should happen rarely. An email list for this would be good. I can respond when I have time, and others when I don't.

I can be the person to collect/document potential agreements. Final say needs to have core.

Uniformed opinion: Maybe you need to send the collective(s) some paper.

temporal final decision on process:
At one point there needs to be made a decision about the exact process that I'm going to propose. So it will require some time by core to think through the proposal, have a discussion and form a decision.

core help not really needed:

I'll do that. If one has ideas, I'm happy to listen.

We have this already, aren't we?

New Designs:
Outsourcing by asking community. If this will bring nice results, we have more designs otherwise not.

You have a bank one can send cash to. You have crypto coins. Job done?

Webpage implementation:
I suck at doing things with code. Thought I should be able to create a MVP. After all it's not more then presenting Products and linking them to the pages people can get it and doing some documentation. If I fail doing MVP, I'll try to go the route of outsourcing this task to the community. Maybe I'll do this anyway, even if it's just for trying how it will work out.
Merge request and fixing small errors should be the only task for core team here.

Can't tell if I forgot something. Did I?

January 20, 2021 9:03 AM, "intrigeri" <intrigeri@???> wrote:

> Hi,
> syster via Tails-dev (2021-01-19):
>> Question:
>> You want me to dick deeper into this topic, reaching out to more collectives and document my
>> findings? I can help to make the idea of selling merch more concrete, thought I only continue
>> furthering my investigation if there is general interest in the approach I'm taking and if it seems
>> likely that Tails will offer merch, if the result of the research is positive (whatever that
>> means).
> I like your approach.
> I greatly appreciate that you're aiming for a setup that minimizes the
> amount of work required by core Tails workers. Thanks for this!
> Before I can form an opinion, I need to better understand what work
> this would require, that can't be outsourced and that you are not in
> a position to commit to yourself. Is this something you could clarify?
> Cheers!
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