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Author: nodens
To: tails-dev
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Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] [Announcement] Retiring aka. (sysadmin#17605)

On 18/01/2021 12:34, intrigeri wrote:
> Hi,
> tl;dR
> =====
> The repositories hosted on, aka.
>, will be deleted no earlier than April 18, 2021.
> Context
> =======
> Since the migration to GitLab, we have Git repositories spread over
> 3 different locations: GitLab, lizard, immerda. It regularly causes
> confusion. We do need both GitLab and lizard for now, but the Git
> hosting setup at immerda is entirely redundant. I'd like to allow our
> friends at to stop maintaining infrastructure that we don't
> use anymore.
> We've already migrated almost all actively used repositories away from
> aka. What's left there is:
>  - the long tail: dozens of repositories, most of them unused since
>    years; this is what this email is about;

> - a few special cases that I'll handle separately.
> What you need to do
> ===================
> If you would like to keep a repository that currently live on
>, aka.
>  - If it lives under your own namespace, e.g. "johndoe/whisperback":
>    you can migrate it to GitLab yourself by April 18.

>  - Else, if it lives at the root of the namespace, e.g. "torbutton":
>    let me know by February 18, and I'll migrate it to GitLab.

> Here's the list:


> - nodens/openpgp-applet

FTR, and just in case someone stumble on this message and wonder, the
openpgp-applet canonical git repo has been on for a
while now [1], as well as the website [2], so this repository is just
leftover cruft. Can be deleted anytime.