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Subject: Re: [Tails-dev] Proposal for Kloak

On 10/28/20 9:14 AM, intrigeri wrote:
> Hi,
> fuckthebop (2020-10-26):
>> I would like to propose that Tails include an anti-keystroke biometrics
>> tool such as Kloak (see
> Can you confirm it works in GNOME + Wayland?
> If it does, then I think next steps would be:
> a) Prepare a GNOME live image that runs Kloak, so that our UX folks
>     can evaluate the negative impact: I understand the higher the
>     delay, the higher the protection, but the worse UX gets.
>     I'm curious if there's a good trade-off, i.e. a delay value that
>     would give users both meaningful protection and acceptable UX.

I guess trying it out on GNOME/Wayland is the remaining to-do task here.
Its usage should is transparent to the user as it runs as a systemd
service in the background. Also nothing in its design is dependent on
the display server being used - it works at the kernel level. The
default delay is sane in my experience, using it daily for a while now.
Can't vouch for gaming use-cases, but I doubt that's a major usage point
for anonymity distros anyhow.
>     I don't think this needs to be a Tails image, if using another
>     GNOME OS as a basis is easier for whoever tackles this.

> b) Add Kloak to Debian and maintain it there.

Is Debian inclusion a hard blocker? We've been maintaining a deb package
for a couple years now that's updated when upstream is.
> It makes little sense to me to bother with (a) if nobody volunteers to
> do (b), and vice-versa.
> I don't see our team adding this to our next 2 years' roadmap given
> the state of our resources. But if someone else takes responsibility
> for making it happen, everything is possible :)
> Cheers!
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