Re: [Tails-l10n] Looking for french translators!

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Author: Chre
To: tails-l10n
Subject: Re: [Tails-l10n] Looking for french translators!
Le 19/10/2020 à 21:47, sajolida a écrit :
> Chre:
>> Hi Tails team, hi all,
>> xin and I looking for new french translators, and then at least one more
>> reviewer.
>> We are only two people since some time and we are less active than the
>> past, so any new help are welcome! :)
>> You can anwser here or feel free to send me an email.
> I could also tweet about this. It could end up being pretty noisy but so
> it depends on how much energy you two are ready to put into onboarding
> new team members.
> Shall I go ahead and tweet about it?

Thanks for that.
It's a good idea, but not yet I think :)

I have 3 news people who offer to help us. I try to work with them, and
if they don't stay with us, we can call on twitter. Next month for example.