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Author: Circletop
Subject: Re: [Tails-testers] Call for testing: tentative Tails 4.11 image
Hello Tails Team and Testers,

The *tentative* USB image for Tails 4.11 works and we didn't find any showstopper bugs.

However, unlike Tails 4.11~rc1 or Tails 4.10 the GRUB selection screen doesn't wait five seconds so the user can pick "Tails (Troubleshooting mode)." It flashes for a moment then immediately boots.

This happens after a cold boot or restart. It certainly occurred after persistence was enabled, and may have before then.
We'll examine the output of the "tails-get-bootinfo" command and let you know if we discern this is due to an anomaly on our end.

Best Regards,