[Tails-project] Deprecating old Git repositories: please upd…

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Author: tails-sysadmins
To: tails-project
Subject: [Tails-project] Deprecating old Git repositories: please update your configs

Hello, dear Tails community!

As we have succesfully migrated from Redmine to GitLab, it's now time to
deprecate old Git repositories.

Please, make sure you go through the whole documentation for
transitioning into GitLab:


Also, please pay special attention to the "Update your Git
configuration" part, and make sure you follow all steps to ensure your
repositories and submodules all point to the new and correct places. Not
doing this properly might cause you different kinds of problems, like
using outdated code or failing to pull after the old repos have been

Please, to avoid such problems make sure to update your config as soon
as you can. The old repositories will be shutdown in September 25th 2020
(2 weeks from now).

with lots of love!