[Tails-l10n] Translation platform maintainers report

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Author: emma peel
To: Tails localization discussion
Subject: [Tails-l10n] Translation platform maintainers report
This is our first report, and maybe it has some things that happened before last month.
Currently our team is composed of zen, emmapeel and hefee, currently with different
levels on involvement.

Things we did recently

- We spent some time defining what our team does and which responsabilities it has:

- We also made a plan(tm), for next steps to deem the translation platform in
production: https://gitlab.tails.boum.org/groups/tails/-/milestones/98

- A handover meeting/session between Hefee (former main maintainer) and Zen (current
main maintainer), which finally solved many of Zen's questions about the overall
merge strategy between Weblate and the main Tails website. \o/

- Translation documentation was improved. Will need more of this in the future,
after upgrading Weblate to a newer version and re-evaluating the translation

- Staging website generation was improved to properly report errors. Some improvements
are still needed.

- Our Puppet manifests generation script was improved, which makes it much easier to
manage and upgrade Weblate dependencies in our current setup.

- Django was upgraded from major version 1 to major version 2. This was needed because
Django 1 is unsupported since April 2020 and also blocked the upgrade of Weblate to a
newer version.

Next steps

Some of our next steps are:

- Finish open bits of the items listed above.

- Upgrade weblate to latest.

- Everything else with "High" priority in our Roadmap.