[Tails-dev] GitLab MR terminology update: WIP→ Draft

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Author: intrigeri
To: The Tails public development discussion list
Subject: [Tails-dev] GitLab MR terminology update: WIP→ Draft

here's an excerpt from GitLab 13.3 release notes:

WIP merge requests renamed Draft merge requests

WIP (work in progress) status for merge requests provide a clear
signal to reviewers that the merge request in question is not yet
ready to be merged.

In order to use a more inclusive and self-explanatory term, the WIP
(work in progress) feature for Merge Requests has been renamed to
“Draft”. This term clearly communicates the MR in question is not
ready for review as well as not making any assumptions about the
progress being made towards it. Additionally, it reduces the
cognitive load for new users, non-English speakers, and anyone not
familiar with the WIP acronym.

WIP merge requests are now deprecated in favor of draft merge
requests, however both terms will be supported until the next major
GitLab release (14.0), after which it will be removed.

I've renamed our existing Draft merge requests and adjusted the FT
doc accordingly.

I like the fact "Draft" is short enough that I won't be tempted to
use an acronym for it ;)