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Author: anonym
To: The Tails public development discussion list, Tails localization discussion
New-Topics: [Tails-l10n] Tails 4.11~rc1 on 2020-09-08 [Was: Tails 4.11 release schedule]
Subject: [Tails-l10n] Tails 4.11 release schedule

I will be the release manager for Tails 4.11, a major release (IMHO, see below), scheduled to be available for users on 2020-09-22. Since it is a major release, we'll have a release candidate too this time.

First, let me explain why I think we need a major release. There are two main reasons:

1. The next Tor Browser update is a major one, and is based on a new Firefox ESR series (78) which often breaks various edge cases. A release candidate would give users a chance to report these and us to fix them before the final 4.11 release.

2. We will enable persistence for all options set on the Greeter/Welcome Screen (#17136). In Tails 4.8 we enabled persistence for just the new Unsafe Browser option (#17085), but now it is time to enable the rest of segfault's amazing work. It just needs more testing, which is what we have release candidates for.

So, here's the schedule I propose:

# Tails 4.11~rc1

I'd like the release candidate to include the latest possible Tor Browser 10 alpha, so I'm trying to coordinate with the Tor Browser developers. My guess is that it will latest be on September 11, but I might want to try on September 8 instead to give testers more time -- it will depend a bit on the timing of the Tor Browser alphas and my personal availability. Stay tuned!

# Tails 4.11 final

- Freeze at 12:00 CEST! Please do not push anything to the testing branch for the rest of the day!

- Build the Tails 4.11 images.
- Start testing.

- Finish testing.
- Release!

Testers how does you availability look at:

* 2020-09-21, evening?

* 2020-09-22, morning-afternoon?