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Author: tails-sysadmins
To: tails-testers
Subject: [Tails-testers] GitLab migration: beyond the point of no return (i.e. you can now use GitLab!)

Hello, dear Tails community.

We're happy to announce that the Tails GitLab instance is up and
running, and ready for you to use.

Below you'll find:

- Current status of migration
- Logging into GitLab
- SSH access info
- Contact us
- Thanks

Current status of migration

The sending of this e-mail marks we're now going beyond the point of no
return, as you'll all be able to login and start working in GitLab,
creating and modifying issues and repositories, thus diverging from
Redmine and our previous Gitolite repositories.

The migration is not over because the rest of Tails infra still has to
be adapted to work with GitLab (automated building of website,
integration with Translation Platform, Jenkins builds, etc). Issue
attachments will also not work until we finish setting up redirection
rules to our Redmine archives. Much of the work for all these has
already been prepared previously, but actually putting it in place and
fixing whatever may pop up will probably take some days. We want to
prioritize things that are blocking people from working, so Jenkins is
top priority, for example.

You can find a lot of information regarding this migration in the GitLab
blueprint in Tails website and in the migration issue in salsa:


Logging into GitLab

All user accounts have been migrated from Redmine, but each of you will
need to manually (1) request a new pasword and (2) confirm your e-mail
addresses. We're sorry that we couldn't find a way to automatically mark
addresses as confirmed.

SSH access info

Once you've logged into GitLab, you can configure a public SSH key in
your account settings and then clone or add/set-url of remotes of your
local repos using "git@???". For example, for the main
Tails repository:


Here are the SSH keys fingerprint information (we still need to find a
place to properly document this):

256 SHA256:AOj9ec6hRjN7fNnjXMlmPum7dZWRd5oJKAuo4UGAxxs (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:mtZeDs2+KKLZ8kJOvmrGoTCuszqc29DOyH6MZaqtlss (ED25519)
2048 SHA256:JuwD+e+wOas+2JtDdF0BHu+9RAIJOhWI+2VkjuZ6Znk (RSA)

Contact us

Please let us know if you have any problems or requests, but please also
check if the info you need is already documented in the blueprint, or if
your request/issue is already mapped in the migration steps:


To contact us you can send an e-mail to:


You can get an OpenPGP public key for that address in:



Thanks to all that helped so far, many hands helped and each one was
essential for this migration to happen. Also, many thanks to all of you
Tails collaborators for, in addition to collaborating with Tails, also
being patient with such a big move. Issues and repositories are the
heart of the technical infrastructure of Tails. We hope that you'll have
a better experience contributing to Tails through GitLab!