Re: [Tails-ux] An Idea Regarding Desktop Environments

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Author: sajolida
To: AceOfSpadez79, Tails user experience & user interface design
Subject: Re: [Tails-ux] An Idea Regarding Desktop Environments
AceOfSpadez79 via Tails-ux:
> I very highly doubt I am the first person to suggest this, but I think
> it would be a good idea to switch from GNOME to something like KDE or
> XFCE. My reasoning is that both are very light on resources and they
> have a more traditional look and feel. The primary applications such as
> Tor Browser, Pidgin, Thunderbird, etc. can be right there on the
> dock/tray. Me being a Linux user a unique desktop environment is no
> problem for me but I feel the more traditional layouts would appeal more
> to the general population. 

Indeed, that's a FAQ:

We had users ask for LXDE, XFCE, MATE, KDE, and so on, but we are not
going to change desktop. According to us, the main drawback of GNOME is
that it requires quite a lot of resources to work properly, but it has
many advantages. The GNOME Desktop is:

    Well integrated, especially for new Linux users.
    Very well translated and documented.
    Doing relatively good regarding accessibility features.
    Actively developed.
    Well maintained in Debian, where it is the default desktop environment.

We invested quite some time in acquiring GNOME knowledge, and switching
our desktop environment would require going through that process again.

We are not proposing several desktop environments to choose from because
we want to limit the amount of software included in Tails.

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