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Author: sajolida
To: Tails user experience & user interface design
Subject: Re: [Tails-ux] A few UI/UX concerns
> sajolida:
>> But maybe I don't understand your problem. Could you send us a
>> screenshot or a screencast to illustrate it?
> Bear in mind it's been over a month since I reported this. It looks like
> this has been fixed.


>> I never met a captive portal that required to upload or download files.
>> Did you? Still, people seem to be really into using it for different
>> things, though sometimes without understanding the security implications
>> and despite the many warning that we put around it.
>> We're totally aware that the current situation regarding the Unsafe
>> Browser is not optimal. See #15635 & co. The real solution would be to
>> get rid of the Unsafe Browser entirely and only allow connecting through
>> captive portals using an even more restricted app.
> In my case I was connecting to a local device's HTTP webGUI over a LAN
> and wasn't accessing the Internet at all. There was no risk involved. I
> couldn't perform the task with TB because TB pipes all over Tor, and I
> couldn't use UB because I couldn't access the file I pulled from that
> device once it was downloaded. Probably not a common situation but a
> legitimate one.

Indeed, uncommon but legitimate. And I forgot that we actually also
document using the Unsafe Browser to browse resources on the local
network. We even have a tip on how to download files from the local network:

As it's uncommon I feel like the documented workaround (using curl on
the command line), though requiring the command line, is a good enough
solution for now. I mean, we have so many more common cases to work on!

> I'm a little deflated, because what were definitely recurrent issues
> when I first submitted my post are now largely non-reproducible :s
> *shrug* Guess I should be pleased :)

You should!

I call it the "mojo effect". It's the opposite of the "demo effect":
problems disappearing when you try to show them to someone :)

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