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Author: intrigeri
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Old-Topics: [Tails-project] Do you read the changelog?
Subject: Re: [Tails-project] [Tails-dev] Do you read the changelog?

anonym (2019-12-13):
> As release managers, one of the things we produce is the changelog
> (i.e. debian/changelog; we are *not* talking about the release
> notes). We have the following questions for you, potential users of
> this file:
> - Do you read the changelog at all?
> - If so, what do you use it for?

At the release managers meeting this week I volunteered to do a first
round of facilitation of this conversation. That's what this email is
about. But I would like to also participate in this conversation with
other hats on, so if someone else, who has less at stake in this
discussion, would like to facilitate it: by all means, please do.

Here's a summary of the answers we got.

3 contributors told us they do not read the changelog.

Among the people who told us they use the changelog in some way or
another, it seems to me we can distinguish 4 main use cases:

A. 1 technical users reads the changelog "to determine […] what impact
the change might have to me in regards how I use Tails"

B. 3 technical users / occasional contributors read the changelog, to
learn and/or out of curiosity

(FWIW, one of them is also counted in A, but that's not a vote)

C. 2 contributors check it out occasionally, as a single place that
exposes the history of changes we've released

D. sajolida uses it when writing release notes but it's insufficient
and he could probably do as good with Redmine only, with some
caveats (might be a bit slower, might need more clarification from
release managers)

Please let us know if you think this does not represent accurately
the replies we received so far.